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Secrets of SEO

The main secret of search engine optimization Internet resources is that it should be developed for people, not for search engines. Of course, this is no reason to forget about search engines, on the contrary, because people work there also. If the information posted on this site is interesting, it will be interesting for them as well, and the site will be more likely to be in high positions in search results. For visitors to the main interest, that is, quality content is the foundation of its work effectively. Very often search engine optimization (suchmaschinenoptimierung) is done at the expense of quality information. This is a very common mistake of designers who perform search engine optimization. It should not degrade the perception of the site. The effectiveness of the resource will be reduced if the content is substandard. Of course, there is no universal formula for success seo. There are only observations and tested beliefs.


First, the development of the site you need to take into account the advice of search engines, which are available on their official websites.

Secondly, search engine optimization should be performed by a specialist, not a dilettante.

Thirdly, seo cannot be completed until ready site. This should be a statistic of this online resource. More info you can get on agency of internet marketing. Finally, search engine optimization should not affect negatively on the perception of meaningful site.

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