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The correct reference, what are they?

I think not an open secret that the links on the site, blog etc. exist for the search engine they are visible in any case, but the links should look like from a user perspective. Indeed, in the first place your online project is done for the people they need to understand where the link leads to what, let's talk about it.

Links are difference, there are internal, external, advertising for Search Engine Submission (read more, invisible, and so on, so be clear about what links we need to do for its users.
  1. References as Text. Such references cannot be distinguished from the surrounding text and the user understands that this refers only to the words: "Here," "here", "click", etc. Users are not very convenient, because the link to view cling, but to hide the links from your readers, the link will do.
  2. Sponsored Links like internal. Such links are nearly always on the sites as webmasters in the pursuit of profit, do so that users unwittingly clicked on them and switched to the advertiser's site. But not all users will like to move to other sites to which they had no desire to move. Therefore suchmaschineneintrag links should be different from the inner, not the user goes to your site.
  3. Advertising links and ads. All third-party advertising and links should be limited to block or even somehow, that the user always clearly understood that it clicks on ads and you as the owner of the site have no relation to the advertising product.
  4. The correct reference. Everyone always wanted to stand out from the crowd, but there are already recognized rules of allocation options. Reference should be highlighted or in bold, as is standard good practice to underline links. Anchor links should clearly communicate to the user where he will go to the link. If your link will be provided with informative preview, it will only enhance the status of your website in the eyes of the user.
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